Feb 20, 2010

Amdi Petersens Arme - 1st ep & Blod Ser Mere Verkelict Ud Pa Film (7'')

Dbill :
It would be no lie to say that Amdi Petersens Arme was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reasons K-Town got back in the map of international hardcorepunk.

Named after the leader of a cult organization (Amdi Peterse...no clue what sort of cult it was...worshipers of alien she-male jesuses, soon to commit suicide?) the band released a demo-tape, two 7inchers and gave presence at 3 compilations, if i am not mistaken.

The band's sound though is even larger than their legacy. Total raw oldschool punk sound, with a killer dirty attitude, that makes you want to take your nails out with a knife (see 'Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film' 7" cover). Really, a true soundtrack for looting smashed stores and threatening rich pigs with a sharp rusted pocket knife. Musically they don't sound seminal to anyone in particular (thats a big bonus), but one could generally say that they belong in the wide '80s american hardcorepunk sound...they even managed to capture this sound on their vinyl shit releases!

The first ep is relatively faster and more towards the roots of hardcorepunk, while the second one ('Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film') has a far more personal touch, while keeping in touch with early years Black Flag and the like. The band has disbanned since 2002, and members of them continued with the also great Young Wasteners, No Hope for the Kids, Gorilla Angreb...even Hjertestop (hehe Lasse fuck off!)...

All the metal, goregrind, gloomy crust war-themed bullshit albums combined can't be more threatening than one single song by Amdi Petersens Arme.

This is pure punk, and it can easily destroy your life.

Your pocket or your life, punk?

mikxxx :
Fuck, some times you get back to your home, feeling that your whole day, your whole life is shit and the meaning of it is a big, fat NOTHING... you feel exhausted and tired and angry and the list can go on forever...
Living in a city accurate described by dbill as zofos, and feling as zofos (zofos can be named a syndrome of everlasting numb, alongside dark clouds above your head and a heavy, black, cancerous anvil among your chest) too, is a weight, sometimes not to be uplifted!
Yeah, this day is one of those, you can't look your friends in the eyes and you have nothing to tell or to communicate with them, unfortunately... you may now think that i write a kind of post about the ultimate neo-crying-crust band, but... no, i am not...
If you feel like all the above mentioned shitty stuff and you want a hard, ass-kicking scotch in a music-form, you must download this two seveninches, not because mr.bonneman (gorilla angreb, no hope for the kids and a lot more) participated in this band (not as good as dbill would be, if he was behind the drumkit) but because you want something true, straight from the heart, that speaks for itself...
Amdi petersen arme is this kind of deal... punk(y), dirt(y) and street(y) all in one, as a vidal sasoon sampoo at maro kontou's head (or was she mairi chronopoulou?)... with a knife in the one hand and a cigarette ( slo-burn) in the other...
See for yourself, if you steel got - the- GUTS!

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