Dec 15, 2012


I first got into finnish punk through thrash metal. As a young kid and living in a small town with no punks it's natural to start listening whatever your classmates listen, and so i get in love with Sepultura. For my own good, Sepultura had a lot of hardcore and punk influences plus political and social aware lyrics so it was so good to listen to a band that was not stupid metalhead-type. When i saw for the first time the Arise video-clip i noticed that max was wearing a shirt with the logo KAAOS, and thought "nice pun". But after some time a friend of mine pass me the "Ristinnaulittu Kaaos" tape and fuck, i was blown away. Fueled by hate, those "crucified" (ristinnaulittu) bastards delivered a feast of unchallenged music power, with a crazy guy yelling at the microphone with the reverb to be on max, the guitars spitting riffs of chaos like venom with clear and deep drums, Ristinnaulittu Kaaos must be the best finnish punk album of all time. You can just hear "Syytön Sivustakatsoja" or "Vaihtoehto" and you can think about how many bands copied that crazy riffs, the pumpeling drums and the reverbed vocals (i'm just thinking of Destino Final...heheheh).



music not noise said...

I used to work with a guy at a restaurant that played sepultura all the time. This one song came on and I always thought "man, I know this, why do I recognize it?" Took me a few listens to realize it was a New Model Army cover! Ha! So yes, this is how I became aware of Sepultura's political punk influences.
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Thanks for posting, love this blog by the way.

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