Sep 11, 2012

Fit for Abuse

Continuing the posts about fast old-school hardcore punk bands, and as nigro asked for this, here we have Fit For Abuse's discography as it has been posted ages ago on Dan's old-fast-and-loud blog. Fit For Abuse is an A-class punk band delivering the usual boston hardcore and by boston hardcore i do NOT mean Have Heart or stuff like that. I mean unstoppable and mean and pissed-off and many other type of negative things that you can use as an epithet for hardcore punk. This discography contains 37 tracks. Fit for abuse demo from 96 (it's the only release that's more punk with some sing-alongs but the rest tracks shreds) with an F.U's cover, followed by Psycho Ray demo, the track from Stab and Kill vol. 1, the tracks from the split with R'N'R on bridge9 records, the mindless violence 7'' on Crust records and an unreleased track from that session. One of the founding members (Muzzi) have been also in Out Cold for a couple of years.



Dan said...

yo Mike,
think i've got something nice for you
recently found the unreleased session on data dvd,no titles but think the 8 songs were supposed to be released on MY WAR recs as 12'',never happened unfortunaly...but great songs!!
ill email em!

take care!

Anonymous said...

aye,still a great band thanks alot


mikxxx said...

cheers guys
a nice worth to check....
seems no-one really knows them anyway

Anonymous said...

wraios re mike
para polu kaloi

ta tou psycho ray demo gamane.


Anonymous said...

Πως και δεν έχει μπει ο Γέρος να πει
"ωραίοι αυτοί οι Total Abuse", και να
δώσει νέα τροφή για το γλαύκωμά του;

Ο "Όλοι ξέρουμε ποιός είσαι..."

Anonymous said...

a really hardcore band.

Anonymous said...

Buncha fucking fruits. Stupid skinhead band that should have died away years ago.

Unknown said...

Any chance of a re-up? I recently stumbled upon this post and I'm bummed that I didn't find it sooner. Fit for abuse!

mikxxx said...

it's up... cheers

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!