Mar 30, 2010

Schwartz and anger - II

Under the sickening moonlight of the Athenian night, these four wolves had team-up their forces to deliver a blistering combination of insane riffing crust mayhem alongside fast drum-part-changes turning into hot and erotic grindcore (to be more specific they think that they play grind, something that exists only in their wet-fantasies).
Schwartz and anger was a band that it’s reason of existence was to terrorize, to “speak” to the open-minded or to try to create groundbreaking field, to play extreme music and to communicate their own manifesto (if you can call a living part of four different individuals as a manifesto).

Having experienced the sludgy and dirty culture of the greek d.i.y. hardcore punk scene, Schwartz’s members decided to distribute by themselves their first album and not to sell it as the classical “rules” orders (despite the negative comments that they received), in an against-merchandise, against-"selling and buying" ideology (anyone could give anything that he wanted, without paying a standard price).
The band has chosen to create a great piece of “art”, if you can call art something like this, and I don’t mean any type of alternative, sterile and in the end, dead piece of commercialization, but an alive, energetic and interactive power of thinking and acting…
Members of Schwartz and anger has been playing – formerly or currently – in the following bands : antimob, avgrund livet, boktorva bhq, 925, atopia, despite everything, nekra katsikia trikavalo and nata (hip-hop!!!) so their experience made their skill a weapon, a well-sharpened knife that keeps turning-around making your mind bleeding.
As a band they managed to establish their own unique footprint mainly of their beastie, unleashing-hell live performances.
You may already know that I am a blood-sucker for the Schwartz’s tunes, and I consider them – maybe - the best greek live performing-act that I have ever seen. Their energy acts as a cathartic pressure valve – in a good way.
Even now I cannot recall any influences from other bands, and not ‘cos there aren’t any but mainly ‘cos these guys managed to make it sounding so unique and “their stuff”. In this album (II) all the hard-work has been made by their guitarist G. Riffs, bridges and lyrics has been written by him and after tones (lol) of rehearsals the other members contributed their magic.
Lyric themes work as a vomiting, disgusting poison against consumerism in modern societies and in modern life in general, against state and capital(ism), but in a personal way of express. The album starts where the previous album (get it here) ends. The band screams it’s lungs out the lyric-phrase “η το τέλος της αρχής…” (Trans: or the end of the beginning…) before a vicious assault of constantly-changing riffs bites your carotid, ice-breaking tempos grab you from the neck, and the feeling of nausea diffuses in every inch of your body.
This album has not as many blast-beats as the previous one but the fast chugga-chugga parts make you wanna chop-off your head. The post-rockish leading riffs create different tone-colours. The relaxing soundscapes soon turns out to be a nightmarish soundtrack that only a pervert could compose.
Reading an interview of the band on a fanzine some time ago, when the guy asked them: “if Schwartz and anger was a machine, what type of machine would be?” the answer was: “Schwartz and anger would probably be a machinery of minced on wheels”. And “what type of food would be?” the friendly journalist continued. “For sure Schwartz would be a burnt food, ‘cos it’s black (Schwartz) and make you feel angry when you eat it”. I agree!
I’m very proud to post this awesome band, after taking the permission of the (half) band.
Let's see if db-ill has the guts to judge the band that he does vocals and plays bass-satanist-guitar.
No guts - No glory, my dear friend.
Hope you’ll enjoy Schwartz’s unstoppable power…
as I am… way too long now…

Flock of anger (download)


7inchcrust said...

fucking ace! thanx Mikxxx

mikxxx said...

&inch i totally agree man.
maybe is not so in your face but it'so so emotional (not emo) and insane and... i can go on forever as i dit for the basic column...

good guys, awesome music


hey, i figured you would want me too...? Glad your still popping in to say hi though!
also, i took down your link as asked. respect.

Black Trinity said...

ki egw to katevasa.
poly kalo!
bravo tous schwarz...