Mar 14, 2010

Black hole kids - demo

A few days ago wess from black hole kids contacted me and asked me if i was in the willing mood to post their demo. As you can see on your right : "Any d.i.y band that wants to be posted here can send me an e-mail and we can work it out...". So, i told wess : "hope that you're into d.i.y and not in the alternative suck companies that keep sucking dry hardcore punk" and his answer was : "D.i.y. or die". What else to say? I'm very glad to post his band.

Black hole kids is a hardcore punk band from birmingham, alabama. I don't know when these guys started playing together, but i guess this is a fresh new band if i can judge from the infos on their blog. They have already played something like 4 or 5 gigs.

Music wise, black hole kids are playing a mix of mid-tempo melodic crust with "sad" guitar rifs alongside some "swallow-me-down" hardcore punk. Even if the production is not so good and you can't hear all the instruments so clear, and the vocals is not so powerfoul - i'll prefer it a lot more if it was more "ugly" and angry - nevertheless, this is a very-good attempt for a band's first demo and i hope that we'll see a very good ear-destroying vinyl coming out some day soon. Until then, i'll keep listening this demo 'cos every time becomes better and better... cheers



doesitmatter said...

To akousa, to ksanakousa alla den mou kanei click. To paleuoun ta paidia den leo alla den to ehoun (akoma toulahiston). M'aresoun oi monotones melagholikes kithares apo piso alla ta fonitika mou to halane. Oraia ta melodika meri, kalitera na eleipan oi fones.

ps. makari na eihan valei tosi douleia sto demo oso valan gia to logo pou gamaei!

mikxxx said...

tha symfoniso apoluta...
to logo einai polu cult
einai k h hxografisi psilo xalia kai ta fonitika entelos xalia ala to paleuoun
ti kaneis?
akoma sto coffee-consuming?