Mar 27, 2010

Hitler died from tzatziki - 3 track demo

Hitler died from tzatziki is / was a side-project by members of antimob and burial. A greek-german alliance for the spreading of old-school feta cheese (greek traditional cheese - προστατευομενη ονομασια προελευσης) of parnassos (but i have to admit that i prefer feta dodoni).

Fetian (aka fabian from burial) and asthma, dbill started this project back in the day but only in the 2007 the band recorded this 3 track demo in fabian's place at hagen city, germany and only after dbill was turned out of the band (without not even knowing it - they throwed him away like a driven-dry lemon rind - what a great friendly behavior) and the bass duties has been carried out by drop virus 666 (also from antimob / boktorva).

The sound is more than decent and will make you dancing all night. Yes, this is the stuff that will make you stop listening bombenalarm's first 7'' for a while. But the one thing you have to advert is the fucking great lyrics (if there is any...) and the vocals. Every time i hear this three track demo i can't resist myself for having a stupid face "painted" in my face. What else to say for these stupid-fuckers that put a german guy to sing greek lyrics so they can laugh with him - but fabian does a great work. The music is a total old-school hardcore worship with great track titles like "this is feta not batsos" (this is feta not cop!) and the iron maiden's never released song "666 - the number of the cheese".

I still have my issues with the posting of this shit 'coz these bastards made dbill unhappy, but then you definetely must hear it...

"Hitler Died From Tzatziki started in September 2006 with goal to spread around the negative-trisatanic message of Feta Power. The band features two Greek Feta maniac punks and a German Feta punk Revolutioner. We started as a trio with Fetian - Son of Feta on drums (ex- Fabian), Dis-Feta-Bill on bass guitar and Asthmatic Feta on guitars but a sunny day of July of 2007 brought some major changes to the line up . After an Important Feta punk meeting, in the wild forests of Hagen, the band was joined by Necrofetas on Bass and Yoshifet(a) on sound engineering. Dis- Feta Bill is still a spiritual member of the band but he decided to focus mostly on Feta activism and leave for a while Feta phylosophism. The new lineup, after being extremely satisfied by the new Feta Cheese collection of Parnasos bio-producers, decided to record a new soundrack demo (the first of the band) with music, lyrics and recording made within the same day- since there was such a great inspiration out there(on the 21/07/2007). The demo is used exclusively for the propaganda of this new powerfull Feta!
7" made by original goat milk out soon! 

Influences : Our Famlies, Thodoros Rousopoulos, Our School Teachers and Last but Not Least The Homosexual Backround of Greek Feta!"


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