Mar 20, 2010

Rubbish heap - Path of lies 7''

Rubbish heap was a crust / sludge band from belgium, active at the late 90's scene.
I don't know what to say for one of my favourite bands of all time, check out here their self titled lp.
Here's some of the most bitter lyrics ever has been vomiting from a human mouth... Full of dark emotions, angry vocals and degeneration for  the living creatures of this fucking planet...
The music is a mid-tempo crust mix, with heavy as hell distorted guitars and some sludgy influences (not so clear-viewed as the self titled lp's sludgy parts...) i think i must leave the band to speak for theirself...
This is a masterpiece, one of the best 7'' you will ever be able to hear.
Be carefull, this one demon's spawn may burn out your speakers even if you play it at 0 decibel...
two guys of rubbish heap keep on running conspiracy records - with fat bellys, nowadays.
This column came as an insert with this interesting piece of vinyl :
"This is your life - your freedom too choose - taken away by those who don't care about you - those addicted to traditions - to their ignorance - slaves to the machine that guarantees safety and predictability from the cradle to the grave - brainwashed by the institutions of indoctrination - they just want you to blindly follow the stream - to walk their path of lies without questioning - we must choose our own path instead of ruminating the old ways over and over again - we must break the structures and take back our stolen lives..."
My writting is so uninspired, but you have to hear this one.

Usual way of life, your path of lies


Anonymous said...

please, re-upload it again. thanks!!

mikxxx said...

unfortunately i have a problem with my hard-drive and till i fix it i can't re-upload anything. sorry


Anonymous said...

My dad played the drums lol