Mar 26, 2010

Evance - False peace & If tomorrow & Fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker

Hey, finally my good friend Drop virus 666 (artist - known as "the greek sugi" / guitarist of boktorva and bassist of antimob) finished the hand-painted logo for this blog. Hope you like it - Leave me some comments to tell me what you think. cheers

As long as i wait the days to pass me by and the "voting shit" take it's own road to history's dumb, the best way to introduce a japanese-styled dot-by-dot technique logo is a blasting fist-by-fist japanese hardcore.
"Brutality, skill, power, fun, all mashed together in a hot, totally over the top, bowl of fury and rage. It is indeed hard not to be a (blood) sucker for japanese hardcore punk".
I couldn't describe it better.
Evance is a band that i don't know a single thing about them, except that, back in 2007 when burial played in athens their singer was wearing an evance t-shirt. so i wanted to hear what the fuck they sound like. Straight forward, up-tempo hardcore punk but for the first time this band is more on the punk side of life. You gonna love them.
Here you get three 7inches :
"False peace" - 1997
"If tomorrow..." - 1997
"Fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker" - 1998

Nothing more to say, 'coz i know that you are "(blood) suckers for japanese hardcore punk"



Anonymous said...

Εύγε Μιχαλάκη!Πολύ καλή μπάντα!Δε τουσ είχα ξανακούσει

mikxxx said...

file kanontas xrhsh ths anonymias sou
mpaineis kai petas ena mixalakh
ksereis ti kopo exo kanei na apallago apto mixalaki????

plaka kano
nai re, gamo einai
alla ase kai ena onoma mor' aderfaki mou
pou lene kai stous/stis filiates

barbastathis said...

Xehastika filtate!Ego o punk barbastathis eimai!Xaxa!

mikxxx said...

ta sevh mou, pappoulh

Anonymous said...

their split 12' with Jabara is great to

mikxxx said...

i agree and maybe i'll post it in the future