Mar 18, 2010

Hammers - Orogeny

Fuck, yeah!
This album fucking rocks really hard.
It's blazing, raging, ripping and fucking sickening...

Yeah, this is the ultimate Hammers from the city of manchester. They used to be a 4-piece outfit but andy left the band, instead of breaking-up they continued as a trio that seems to works really fine and in this one-sided lp they deliver 6 tracks of manic dbeat crust alongside (much more ) sludge parts (from their previous releases) that definetely make you fall on your knees and shout your lungs out at the moon pretending you hold a mic on your right hand and your chest on the left one.. This is Hammers. Call them thrash, power-violence or hardcore punk. these lunatics plays fast-forward hardcore punk with some blast-beats, holy-terrorising-monsterous riffs with dual, great vocals...
This masterpiece comes as a one side picture disc also.. First press of 100 copies and i already have one : number 5!!!
I really love this band and you have to love them too, one of the best bands that i totally enjoy to listen at my "free-time" a long time now... A good fucking company... Members can be found also in war coma.
Check out hammers self titled 7'' here.
words are in no need to be told (at all). You know what you'll get...
"There is nothing ahead. There is no regret."

download (new link)

- o dbill, κραδαινοντας την βαριοπουλα :
This LP is a perfect exception to the rule ''you shouldn't judge a book by its cover''. Just by looking at this piece of wax you know there is a lot of effort, energy and love put into this release. Excellent killer silkscreen printed cover with white, gold and black inks on a good quality raw paper...i know i sound like a fetish guy, but i really appreciate a well-done work when i see it. The vinyl is one-sided, while the other side is also gold screen printed...

Onto the music, Hammers are humongous. Heavy sludgy epic riffs, giving place to raw d-beat and blasting work. A dark haunting feeling covers the songs, like the chilling mountain mist, leaving just slight melodic undertones to escape the thick layer of fog coming down from the hills, heavy and mystical. The lyrics are deeply personal, but with a serious political hint underneath them (explanations and thoughts included by the members), and its good to see nice thoughtfull stuff from bands, rather than a dogmatic style manifesto of stuff that has been said before, and are being written just to get the credit of a ''political'' band.

Really good stuff here, if you come by this LP be sure to pick it up in a wink...i feel i have to thank Mike for giving me one as a present. Hope to see these englishmen live also.

dbill, in mountain mood

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