Apr 2, 2010

Blank Stare - First 7'' & 2008 Lp

As you may already know i'm not the biggest fan of the new wave of straight edge that came out from usa the last years. I think this genre is fucked up and has become a life-styled, consumerist thing for rich white kids.
i may sounding like a puritan, but when i hear the words straight and edge together one thing comes in mind : macho. I'm sure that i don't have to explain why i think macho fucked up. Add the rising neo-nazi influence on straight edge bands and you got the picture.
But, all hell gonna breal loose... one day.
One of the above mentioned bands was NOT Blank stare. Four guys from boston (what a hometown, if you are from boston you must be a straight-edger?) decided to play mind-blowing old-school hardcore punk in your fucking face.
Here you get their first 7'' from 2005 that these guys have released by themselves, and their lp from 2008. No youthcrew - No macho bullshit. This is the real deal. Angry and negative as the real life is. Forget the beautiful dreams and the "positive hardcore. Positive youth" shit. The titles are bitter and mean ("fuck your life", "fuck drugs, fuck you" etc). This is a wallbreaker. Imagine chris colohan's early years (left for dead / haymaker) jamming with intensity ("wash off the lies" era) covering down in flames! Sounds good, ha? The band no longer exists but members can be found in social circkle. If you are in the "Have-Heart" thing this is definetely not for you. No nice drums, no nice bridges, no nice at all! I can't wait the words of dbill for this one.
Once more : negative, Negative, NEGATIVE NEGATIVITY!!!
Old-school hardcore as it was meant to be.



Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post - great stuff... :-D

Black Trinity said...

thanx again!
ta'spasan ola!
mas eftiakses...katevasa sta kapakia down in flames kai tear it up ap'ta link! aliteia! kai gamw tis taxytites!

mikxxx said...

nai re, einai teleioi.
emena mou thimizoun polu intensity alla xoris katholou kopsimata
tiga grigoroi fash
exoun alla 2 eftaria