Apr 26, 2010

Tetsu arrey - Discography part 1

I decided not to post one of my favourite greek hardcore bands (just for now) so, go get some japcore.

Sweat, sweet and anger. Tetsu arrey. One name, the history of a kind (a genre to be more specific).
Throw away your pants, here's the real deal.
If you like your sex, wet and fast, full of emotions and powaaa, Tetsu arrey.

The constructors of the "Burning spirits" sound, tetsu arrey counts the days from the devastating year 1988 with their appeareance in the compilation lp "Eye of the thrash guerrila". They have released two lp's and three 7'' (in this post you'll get the 7inch called "force" and their first Lp).

The sound is as you can imagine, fast aggresive japcore as this blog often or not so often use to post. If you want to hear the japanese motorhead go download these fuckers. If you are in the crew of maniacs dying slowly for bands like Forward, Crude and the likes... Rockish hardcore punk over the top. I'm stealing some already written things from mountza fanzine : "tetsu arrey started this whole "Burning-spirits" thing alongside Forward. To make things more clear, burning spirits first was only just a name / title for the gigs of the afore-mentioned bands. Also, Death side had a track called "burning-spirits" so, some clever americans came up with the term "burning spirits sound" as an easy way to describe all that bands."

Some more stealing :
Huge drums start building up, and might I add, these drums sound GREAT for like 1989 or whenever. When the guitars come in its with a busy little riff halfway between Motörhead’s Iron Fist era and Kill ‘Em All Metallica. But when the song gets going, there’s a curve ball, the drummer takes marching style beat. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever heard. Skull cracking, biker Motörpunk, all with classic growling Japancore vocals laid on to.

download and die


Anonymous said...

this shit is fucking killer. makes me wonder how many other amazing japanese bands are out there unknown to all us westerners.

-feta screamin' vengeance (ha!)

mikxxx said...

Have you a bimp-bimp code-allert when i post some japcore?
not even 5 min later you left a comment.

these old-dogs rules.
when i hear the first track from "force" it's like lemmy playing japcore.
Feta it's not stinkin' but you definetely do... and screamin'. hahaha

Black Trinity said...

ta exw alla ta ksanakatevazw :
i) giati gamane!
ii) giati einai apo japan
iii) gia to support sto blog

7inchcrust said...

cool shit! Tetsu Arrei fuckin rule! bring on Pt2 pleaz!

mikxxx said...

@black mitsos. man, that's the spirit!! support or die!

@Beloved 7inch. billy, i have to wait sometime to post part 2 (and propably after some psychosis post.hehe)

crust demos, we miss you.

Anonymous said...

ayta einai. cant wait for part 2.

(btw to LP twn kieltolaki, doulepse telika meta apo 5-6 katevasmata, thnx)

mikxxx said...

eprepe na mou peis na sta steilo me mail re.
xara sto kouragio sou!

kai exoun perasei ta 30 downloads kai leo "loita na deis, thraush exei kanei!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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