Nov 9, 2010

Frustration - self titled 7'' (2010)

I have to say sorry for the lack of posts lately, guys but i'm very very busy (and tired). I was among this 7'' and the brand new Lp of Raw Nerves, both released by Inimical records (blame them for the great Sahn maru Lp also) for my blog's next post and i've chosen this one due to the great mix of crusty sound while they play some type of dark hardcore punk, not that the raw nerves lp is bad, exactly the opposite. It's great and you have to check it out.
So, what the fuck with those punks? They come from seattle and if you are in the same music background as i am - to make myself clear i mean if the only bands that you know from seattle are Decrepit and Soundgarden - you are in the right place. This is a band that combines both of them. Weird ha? Not really. Pay some attention.

I'm joking you with guys, even if i like Soundgarden (this is an inside joke with Deathraid's drummer Devon - when i told him that stupid joke about soundgarden he told me : go tell it to jim. he used to play for Decrepit!!! Lovely guys all of the Deathraid crew..cheers guys), they couldn't been playing grunge-shit. Now, back to our theme. Frustration! This is a great band that combines in a perfect way some melancholic (d-)beats alongside Motorhead-type of vocals, while the bass and guitars are heavy and destorted. As i was under a Complications spell, this 7'' is everything i want to continue into the darkest seas of sanity, imagine Motorhead-meets-Leatherface-meets-Complications-meets-Coldbringer that finally meets Quarantine. Add an all-star line-up including members of Consume, Snuggle, Cop on Fire, Decrepit, Blackout, and Calloused. Do you need any more? Guess not.



Anonymous said...

ok,they are just ok

Anonymous said...

Good Band!
I especially like Nightstealer and
Great Songwriting.

Cheers Mikxxx ;)

Billy said...

pali to amilito nero ipian oloi....