Nov 27, 2010

"Utterly fearless for your luscious flesh, I've got an appetite like a war and I always hunger for more"

As the title says, this is my offering to a man's war appetite. This new various artists double seveninch includes propably the best new bands that great albion has to offer. You propably know the bands already, so let's make a brief introduction.

On side A we have Closure, who are propably the most well-known band from the four bands participatinng here. Continuing their dark as night hardcore and go one step forward where their incredible 7'' stopped. More gloomy atmosphere, some sludge for the ugliness and the terrific vocals coming straight from a shattered mother's womb. They give me the impression that the 6 tracks they participate here is one and ugly song mixing power-violence with great bridge-structure. Judge for your own.

Side B : Here we find Mouth and their straight-up hardcore (the motherfuckers have great movie-samples! i envy them) from the heart. More or less, usual ass-kicking hardcore, i already love them from their demo. Youth crew sound meets thrash/core with lunatic vocals.

On side c we have Torn apart, which their self titled 7'' couldn't find anywhere. Here we have the best bass-guitar sound, making their power-hardcore a fucking knife in the heart. The powerful recording and the tight playing ensures your running for escape. "Nightstalker" is a killer (i swear it's on your new car cd-comp)

And finally, my favourites : Bonestorm. Here you get everything that the meaning of words Bone and Storm means when they come together. Fucking blast. Enjoy



Anonymous said...

poly swsto to split ke gamato packaging. mono oi torn apart me apogoiteusan ligo. mou arese pio poly to 7'' tus

mikxxx said...

thanx a lot speer
i have to check it out...

Black Trinity said...


chrisapproach said...

awesome,thx for the rip!