Oct 5, 2010

Nightbringer - Inhale, the night begins 7'' (2010)

Just get home from my best friend's birthday party. Everything was fucking awesome. beer as well as wine runs in my veins. As i opened the door and pressed the pc-button i realised that i have a fucking gift. Drock from the canadian bulldozer called System Shit (check them here and here) sent me the new 7'' of canada's japunks Nightbringer released this year on Chris Colohan's (yep, Cursed fame) label High Anxiety records. I'm so fucking excited.
Motorhead meets Bastard. Can you call this life?
Here we have, ann arbor's nightbringer - consisting of Ruination, Earthmover and Life set struggle members among others - that offer us three raging hardcore hymns in the vein of their first demo but with more (or less.hahahah i'm drunk) japanese elements. Imagine judgement plays like Warcry. D-beat mania for the wicked. The second song is a fucking killer that starts with all that cliche motor engine (BIKES SOUND - JULIA’s 1984 HONDA VF500F and IAN’s 2003 KAWASAKI Z1000) giving heads to a great rock'n'roll riff, fucking reverbed vocals and a bass-guitar like a five-speed fueled engine. Something like Burning Leather αλλα φουλ πιο αλητεια. Yes, they play both kinds of rock n roll...fast and loud, indeed. The sound is great, dirty and punky as it should be - Chris Colohan made a great job as producer - and if you like i can upload also their previous demo that is solid as hell but i know that you now found your new fix, one way or another, you have to ask for it. Finally, if i have a statement, this propably is :

"I stormed the gates of heaven
And found their god was gone
Despite all those converted
By the sword and by the crown"

Nightbringer - Inhale, the night begins 7''

Nightbringer -  demo 2008 & live concert


Black Trinity said...

Ω ρε φίλε!!!
Φουλ αλητεία λέμε!!!!
Μας έσιαξες και πάλι...

dis66 said...

Oraios re. Anevase kai ta demo ama laxei. Monadiki enstasi oi kithares. Poly floria - toso kapoia riff oso kai genikotera o ixos tous.Tous perimena pio tsita kai parta sta moutra sou fasi.

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for the post...!