Oct 29, 2011

Expressing ideas through DIY (The Revolution will not be posted on eBay, or anywhere else)

Been having fun, ain't no lie
Expressing ideas through DIY
But some shit sucks, that's for sure
(Like spending) thousands on records that are obscure

Records are collected
Money's invested
Original ideals
Completely neglected

Availability affected
(While) eBay is Molested
What does this say about who we are
And what we're fighting for?

With collecting records we're obsessed
How can we even pose a threat?
Time to get our shit back on track

Time to get our shit.....
Back on track!


Dan said...

recently saw the light too,still a bit collector nerd but damn, wasted lots of money too...but soon selling colored/multiple copies crap and put out a new record with the $ i get back
but losing $$ for sure...

been awhile since i listened to these guys but Y2K THRASH AHOY!

Bak said...

Αυτοί που αγοράζουν Γενιά του Χάους και Stress με 150 και 300 ευρώ αντιστοιχα να τα ακούν αυτά!