Oct 7, 2011

Arnitiki Stasi (Negative Stance) - Aggeloi tou pseudous (Angels of deceit) LP (1993)

I have made this post a long time ago, but the rip (especially the b-side) was a crap, so my good friend 7inchcrust gave me a truly helpful hand with the rip of this LP. He ripped the b-side of his own copy and cut the tracks. So, finally this rip is good (not soooooo clean - the a side, the rip is mine. don't be angry mr.7inch) and you can use it at your favourite dj parties when you want to play tracks like "the fall" in a quality better than the 128kbps. So, from the past come the storms :

Arnitiki stasi (Negative stance) was one of the best greek hardcore punk bands outta greece.
Formed in late 80's, the band appeared in many tape-compilations, both greek and abroad. They have released a split lp with Kismet HC, a 7inch (get it here) on profane existence recs (profane claims that this is on the top-5 releases the label has done since nowadays) and a full-length lp.
This one.

 Released in 1993 from wipe out records this masterpiece of pure energy has 11 tracks of perfect hardcore "the-greek-way" punk. I have said before, I think greece's scene (if you can call it this way) have had one of the most technically accomplished bands around the globe. Mainly influenced by the greek punk bands of early 80's, mixing the heavy (and thrash) metal influences of the late 80's era has given a blend of sounds to be named as catchy, strong, technical, from the heart and finally over the top.

 This release is the most "fast" and angry (and the last) the band ever released. Compared to the previous releases that have more melodic and mid-tempo tunes, this one "take-no-prisoners". Give notice to the excellent drum-works and the catchy-as-hell guitar riffs. Members of arnitiki stasi used to play to Viomihaniki autoktonia (Industrial suicide). Also, makis (bass-player) left the band before the release of this one, to join the forces of anasa stahti (ashen breath).

Enjoy @320kbps

I want to say a lot more, but I feel that I’ve already tired you, so...



Anonymous said...

thnx kai stous 2 sas re. epitelous se kalh poiothta xD

7inchcrust said...

eeeeee, ti einai afta pou les? "not soooooo clean"??? mia xara einai o ixos xaxaxaxaxaxa!!!
i Genet ekane paparia sto pressing k eksafanise to omonymo kommati,na to exete ypopsi ama to vreite (einai to blue vinyl) se logiki timi sto ebay h opoudipote.
ap tous koryfaious diskous twn '90's.

mikxxx said...

thanx wire

ela re billy, ntaks.den mporoume ligo na ta xosoume???xaxaxaxa
ontos aptous koryfaious diskous genika!

na sou po, thelo na agoraso to 2xLP Whispers. les na to vro kapou ektos ebay?

7inchcrust said...

ebay,discogs k an eisai tyxeros k vreis kapoio kommati ksexasmeno se kana distro.
afto edo to site exei kairo na ananeothei alla o typos to trexei akoma to distro,prin kairo agorasa ap afton k eixe k to Whispers gia 30 lires agglias an thymamai kala,pantos isos argisei na apantisei (mou steile to dema me ena mina kathisterisi,ap oti katalava einai fereggios alla mallon exei k alla trexamata k protereotites k argei stis paraggelies)

7inchcrust said...

a,k molis tora to eida sto discogs ftinotero sta 35 dolaros

Mitsos said...


Is it possible to have the files uploaded once again?

I cannot find anywhere this masterpiece and I receive an invalid file message from Mediafire :(