Dec 8, 2011

Chokehold - 1995 - Content with dying

Is that really anything to be spoken about this album? Low-tuned, heavy-weight, straight edge and fucking political. This canadian band have been one of the most influential of all time in the hardcore scene with their anti-religious, anti-homophobic and alimal/earth liberation lyrics. If you don't know them please check them out and if you do know them pay respect (a. i'm waiting a review of Trial's "are these our lives").

"They have us fooled reaching for the amerikkkan dream. Trapped in the 9-5 its like swimming upstream. Do as they tell you forethought is bound to fail. We are dying and no one seems to care. To busy rushing to a go no-where career. You think you're free? You just cant see the bars. we're all in prison in these free countries of ours. Your not free, you never were."

Members went on to play in such bands as The Swarm, Brutal Knights, Left for Dead, Haymaker, Our War and Seventy-Eight Days.

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