Jul 15, 2010

Gattaca & Clamant! - split 12"

Some weeks ago i was checking masakari's blog and i saw a post about a czech band called Gattaca. While i was searching about some "compressed" music of them so i can have my own opinion, i received an e-mail from honza, a member of Gattaca. Holy shit, i shout and start to reading his email with anxiety.
Well, honza sent me their new and unreleased (yet) album for review and sharing. Thanx honza a lot, and keep in mind that i want a copy from the vinyl when it will come out.

Gattaca comes from czech republic with members of Dakhma, Lakme and Nidal, while Clamant! hails from mexico featuring members of Our bastard existence and Liberate (not the jap-ones).

I can say that i don't know so much things about Clamant! except that they are vegans and anarchists and they are against any type of drugs. Music wise they remind me Envy mixing up Crimethink-sound. Imagine Catharsis but way less chaotic. I can say it emo with screamo vocals and mid-tempo parts. Although, it's not my cup of tea i think they're good for what they're doing.

On the other hand we have Gattaca :
"gattaca started in 2009 as a three piece side project of members of a vegan sxe band AbstinentiA and former members of Nidal (political metal hardcore band really dedicated to animal liberation issues). In this line up a demo was recorded. Than in July 2009 when Dakhma (where Gattaca guitarist played) broke up, other Dakhma member joined on second guitar and a friend joined on vocals. The second guitar was added to a demo and we started playing shows. In december 2009 we recorded 4 songs for a split LP with Clamant! with which we were in contact since times of Dakhma and Lakmé (older band of the new Gattaca guitarist). We recorded it ourselves in our rehearsal room. We played some shows in Czech republic during the year and last week we made a short trip to Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria. Since some of us are teachers we can't tour too much. We are influenced by many bands and ideas. You can hear it from our music that we really like dis/beat, but as well we love diy emo/hc or old 90s hardcore."

They remind me a lot modern crustcore influenced by bands like Zann, his hero is gone and Perth express or even the dagda. They got that crazy long-riffs and heavy vocals and great drumming. I just wanted a little more distorted guitar. Last but no least i must say that i like gattaca due to their approach to the "scene". They are not "another" crust band, but a political one, that knows where it stands and why. They use music as a weapon to spread their lyrics and way of life and not as a trend or a "lifestyle".

"The most important thing for us is that the music that we like has something more inside than just music. message, diy approach or passion that you can feel. I'd say that we are a political band, when we feel it, we speak between songs, we carry books in our distro etc., all of us are vegans. But we try to stay away from preaching. That's something about us, haha. We're five people, boys and girls."

Here's the mp3 version of the split with booklets etc. Thanx again honza.

download (and leave comments, fuckers)


Chris said...

I saw Gattaca mentioned on their blog also. Was looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

mikxxx said...

you're welcome chris..
gattaca uber alles

Batguano said...

Some good bands here! Nice to hear a band from Mexico... I'm right next door, but I don't know of that many Mexican bands. I'm liking the whole Ekkaia/Silence influence of both.

I remember a comment of yours from a while back about how much I would love the new Masshysteri LP... you were so right about that. I play it once a day, and it keeps playing in my head and won't stop!

mikxxx said...

The funny thing is this : when i listened this split the first person that stacked in my mind was you. As i know your love for good melodic neo-crust i wanted to write "the next song of the week on batguano's blog"...hahahahah... funny things i guess...

as for masshysteri : i'm not the biggest fan of them, although i like this melodic punk rock i guess they're not so "Assasinators" haha. but, the last lp is brilliant for sure...

give us some outcold, you superhero....lol and cheers

clamant said...

thanx to upload the cd :)

chacho form clamant.


mikxxx said...

hey chaco, my pleasure is all mine
it was great to post your split
very good one, indeed...
take care
and put some more distortion on your later releases

Serpent said...

funny that you say "They are not "another" crust band, but a political one."

as far as I know, almost every crust band is a political band? I don't know any other genre where the ideas of anarchisme are so widespread!
I can't even think of any crust band that isn't political! But maybe in the states, things are different (but the crust bands from the US that I know, are political as well...)

anyhow, Gattaca is an awesome band!!! And as far as I can hear, Clamant is very good as well.

mikxxx said...

one of the best comments, dude. you give the opportunity to explain...

when i wrote ''they are not "another" crust band'' i had in mind a strange comparison among greek bands and not greek bands.
as you may know, greek hardcore and crust bands are very interested in political themes and active as well (individuals of the bands mostly are on political/anarchist collectives. organising demonstrations etc or at least in late '90s early 00's)

As far as my own experience in the diy hardcore scene the majority of bands that i had the opportunity to talk with are only cared (i say the majority 'coz i have and very active people or good friends of mine had told me so, for example The last mile for netherlands) for their music. The dress their music with "cool" anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist lyrics with a salt of guy debord, german autonomia and that's all. if you talk with them they only thing you hear is for "that label, that has not release the 7'' or that place that gave them 100 euros instead of 200 for their gas and so it goes... Political ones only in the papers. I'll say it again : i don't mean all the crust bands of the world. If the selling of your merchandise is the A' thing then for me is another crust band...

and when i spoke with Gattaca honza told me for the distro of books and the rest, so...yep, i think it's not another "crust" band.

don't take that like a preaching thing please...

and yes, clamant are very good (i needed a little bit more distortion)


cheers, serpent

Anonymous said...

gattaca members' new project http://marnost.bandcamp.com/