Jul 1, 2010

Highscore & The now denial - split 7''

While i got some dbill's promises about some writing for Okkultokrati, Naytia etc i just got - once again - his balls. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGRRRRRR. So, let's get one more new post. And i got some good stuff for you in the next posts. finland, japan and greece included. Today's topic : Breaking neck while jumping from a window. Yes, hardcore punk can easily kill...

Released as a benefit 7'' for the imprisoned protestors of gothenburg riots, this wax captures excellent all the energy of these incredible hardcore bands. Highscore comes from Nordrhein-Westfalen while The now denial hailing from bremen. Two of the best bands from germany the last decade.
If you stopping by this blog you already know that these bands kick-asses (they kicked mine way too much times) really hard and you should be up for it.

First band is Highscore (nowadays some highscore's guys are playing in Short fuse). Fast, in your face hardcore from raging lovers of late-'80s us hardcore. Out cold meets poison idea and the party goes on. When i first listened "forces of evil" the opening vocals made me think i listen to some Sodom. hahaah. I think when you talk about fast hardcore punk all the words are fading away, so let the music speak for itself, shall we?
You must definitely check out their "Unsuspecting actors..." Lp.

On the other hand we have bremen's massive killing machine well known as the now denial. Maybe this is not the perfect N.D example 'coz the band has changed it's sound with every new release (every-fucking-one is unique and great) but the writing quality of these songs can't be compared. Mixing hardcore punk with some crusty and catchy riffs. Well, there not so many bands that can do this, guys. So simple...
All the tracks have been included also to the comp. cd "Obey, shut up...". And if you like check out their second lp Viva viva threatening.

I won't be a liar. I found this rip on soulseek. That's why one side is on 192 kbp while the other is on 320kbp. If you got it on better quality, please drop a line.
"till then...



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