Oct 22, 2013

No Problem - Living in the void 7''

When No Problem released "And now This" lp, i was too cool to give a damn although a bunch of friends expressed their belief that (the word that seems to be my favourite word lately) these canadians from Edmonton is one of the few really a-class hardcore-punk bands out there. I didn't take the bait, as i've done with Hoax and other great bands that had no appeal to me. And for sure, i was so deadly wrong about them and i explain : their above mentioned LP is by far the most played album lately in my car and their third ep called "Living in the void" is equally good. The self titled track goes on with one and only riff that stays in your head forever while the vocal changes make you wanna sing so LOUDDD. In the end, is this the magic of punk or what? Three chords, a lot of ungry voices and fists in the air. Yep, that is Punk, and No Problem trully delivers. "What have i become" is somewhere betwwen "enemies", "paranoid times" or "r'n'r deathcamp" and "Happy family" make me think of Ramones playing hardcore....


No Problem @ OCCII from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

thrilling! and i totally see the ramones comparison,is well put. Can you upload the compilation "starving dog eats master" please? i'm dying to get these tracks by Cruck but it seems is being taken down by those bastards working on mediafire! thanks in advance

mikxxx said...

hey miller, thanx for your kind words
i aiin't gonna do a proper post about the VA lp you asked, but you can take it from this link....cheers man


Honquijote said...

Another great release from NC. Thanks for sharing... =)