Nov 2, 2012

Cloud Rat - self titled LP

As you may know the fifth issue of the mighty Mountza fanzine released some days ago, and i was eager to start reading it. I have to say that i tend to be a fanatic of mr. George Skafidas majestic writing (ακόμα και αν είναι άλλος ένας αλήτης-ρουφιάνος-δημοσιογράφος) and the newest mountza is the perfect representation of Skafman's abilities. Beside his big text our Gogo hero did some interviews. Even if i love his writing i can't say that we share the same taste when it comes to da music. Considering his tight pants, or the algerian face with the big glasses, his love for political charged british hip-hop, screamo and emo tunes of the 90's etc i was keen on overtake his interviews.

So, as i was overtaking the pages i saw a shitty artwork of a band called Cloud Rat. I saw the name of interviewer G.S and thought "another some shitty pop-punk or garage or screamo band they'll propably be". But i started to read their interview and guess what, this one of the best interviews i've read recently, and way better than the stupid answers Midnight gave to Panos Asthma. Cloud Rat seems to be a band with a strong political background and that's always a big plus on my book. This record has great hardcore riffs and tones of blast beats and you can call it grindcore. This is maybe one of the best records i listened to recently and i challenge you to buy the mountza zine and read their answers while you listening their blasting tunes. And yep, the singer is female and she's nail it. Huge thanx to mr. G.Skaf....



Anonymous said...

sick band! they're tourin Europe soon

Anonymous said...

Φίλε Mikexxx,
σου είχα ζητήσει κάποτε να ανεβάσεις το
δεύτερο δίσκο των Annihilator, αλλά δεν το
θέλω πιά. Αν μπορείς άλλαξέ το με το Keeper
of the Seven Keys των Helloween, και αν δεν σου
κάνει κόπο ρίξ'το στα 93 kbps, και ανέβασε λίγο
τις στροφές στους 78.

Σπύρος από Λεγρενά

mikxxx said...

file spuro geia kai xara
ta legrena einai ontos mia kataplhktikh parathlassia topothesia, ena theretro anapsixis pou epilego suxna gia nightlife, anyway...o 2os diskos (kai dh to "fun palace") na ksereis oti htan apta stantar kommatia pou epaiza se radiofoniko stathmo ths nigritas serron otan eperna narkotika sta 15 mou. to lp ton helloween de to exo dystyxos, alla an thes mporo na sou postaro to "land of the free" ton Gamma Ray pou kai kaluteros diskos eiani, kai pio polla solo exei kai kalutera fonhtika se 456 klm/h kai 235bpms/s^2...apla pes mou filaraki

-mikxxx (xoris (e))

yg. tha ekova to xeri mou oti katagesai apthnn omorfh karditsa prolauta

Anonymous said...

οι Αναϊλέιτορ είναι ΟΚ

το γερμανικό power από την άλλη είναι σκατένιο με την κακή έννοια

ρε ουστ


Anonymous said...

Φίλε, δεν ξέρω τί έχεις εναντίων του
γερμανικού power metal, αλλά οι
Helloween είναι το αγαπημένο μου
συγκρότημα, και θα ήθελα να μιλάς
πιο καλά όταν αναφέρεσαι σε αυτούς...

Ο Σπύρος, από τα Λεγρενά