Sep 3, 2012

Crude Thought

So, once again Borja did a great job as a coordinator and lazy Berlin-based bastard and here's his deliverance about a new ace hardcore punk band outta Olympia, Washington. I got two reviews, so i split 'em and i added both cassettes on a single file. Go download

-Borja, the tattooed monkey :

ones more a crude thought review. yesterday i wrote mike a review about this fantastic band from olympia (washington state) called Crude Thought. After writing him some shit i found a lot more about this band, sooo i must recover everything and start again. I don´t mind ´cause i discovered that they have TWO demos (i just knew the first) and since yesterday i have been enjoying the second one like a fucking puppet waiting for a new bone. the first time i listened to them it was back in athens, somewhere somehow in the internet. the demo was incredible fresh, brutal and fantastic. i have being listening to them a long time and sent the videos or the demo on youtube to countless friends. i am totally overthrown by all this new bands (ok, new is maybe exaggerated the last 3 - 4 years) in the US and Crude Thought is definitely one. actually their music is quite simple, it´s totally tense and frightening. in my opinion hardcore punk as it´s best. this band is crude, raw, tight, with great mid-tempo beats and as well a fucking noisy sound. their first demo was an incredible opening and the second demo i couldn't say that is better or worse, they have a darker sound (some songs remember me to siouxsie and the banshees but in a punk way) and they play some songs as well from the first demo and it sounds more evil. anyway a band that is absolutely great. simple drums like a warhead coming closer, a bass which is cutting wounds deeper and deeper in your skin and at last but not least the voice blasting your alienation out of your head. this makes it being like spending the last minutes of your live in a roller-coaster without safe-belts puking everyone in the face during the loopings. HAHAHAHA, what a great feeling. enjoy this unique band which created their own sound which is for every band something exceptional.


Hysterics & Crude Thought - February 2012 Tour from FindingTheWayFilms on Vimeo.

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