Sep 13, 2012

Desperate Hours - The ironies of life continue 7''

Desperate hours hailing from Goleta, Ca and in their first 7'' released last year on Konton Crasher records they deliver four raging d-beat hardcore tracks. I buy this 7'' from the fellow skate punk bak mainly cause i liked so much the cover art. When i asked him what they are all about he told me that they sounding like DOOM. Hell yeah, Desperate Hours remind of Doom a lot but as you already note they are huge scandi freaks (don't forget to mention here that desperate hours is an Anti-Cimex song). These guys can easily described as an ass-kicking raw punk band not unlike those LA or NY bands whose fame come prior to their skills, bands like Cervix, Perdition, Mauser, Mata Mata, Kruel and the list can go on. A little bit of distortion, a little bit of raging d-beat, some scandi crust and some Doom and we have Desperate Hours. Buy this 7'', you won't be disappointed.



Dan said...

talking about konton crashers records
KOSZMAR will be releasing their debut 7'' soon on this label
keep an eye out for it!!!!!!!


Billy said...

afta einai!thankx

mikxxx said...

thanx billy
eutuxos pou yparxei kai kapoios me kalo gousto...

PUNKY said...

thanks! I have this 7" but no way to jam this at work.
love your blog by the way.


mikxxx said...

thanx justin