Jul 21, 2012

MediaFire Account Received Strike

So, mediafire for some reason choose to shut-down my account cause "i violate terms of services". I sent a "ticket" to mediafire support team hoping that they'll give me back my account. i think they'll not grand my request, unfortunately. Some of the files i have upload are dead, so once more if you want a specific album leave me a comment on the specific post and i'll try to reupload it as soon as possible to a new account. take care.

and here's the answer from mediafire:
Thank you for contacting MediaFire.

The account is permanently suspended due to a Terms of Service violation.
We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

So, i'll start to upload in Zippyshare (except some albums will be on my other mediafire account) hoping that i'll have no problem in the futur.


Dan said...

i knew they were screwing around with accounts again coz it was not possible to upload anything in the past days...
but yeah don't give up,just keep on signing up for a new account
i was just about to send you another present/review thingy,make sure you keep the blog going till that one ha ha
take care

mikxxx said...

hey dan
it's nice that you give me some feedback
what do you think i should do?the majority of files are deleted, i think i'll work with jumbofiles to see if it's better than mediafire....i'm waiting for your gift....heheheheh

Icky said...


mikxxx said...

is it better?
please loresviscera tell me
i'll try it