Jul 16, 2012

Disturd – Collapse

Going through my first week of vacations, I came across a band called Disturd from Japan. I was reading an article about them on how fresh and brilliant their first two 7'' were. I searched for their stuff and when I finally got'em I was impressed too, not for “freshness” and “brilliancy” but with their way on bringing excellent Crust back on map. Not crapy Tragedy / From ashes rise influenced bullshit. Sharp guitars with mainly mid-tempo drumming that turns out a bit faster with crazy guitar solos and a bit of thrashy sound. This 7'' (I think it’s their second release) called Collapse delivers two great songs (“Collapse the system” is a fucking 5 minute long anthem) in the vein “more Amebix than Amebix”, with epic bridges and harpist to ensure more dark atmoshpere. They remind me a little bit my favorites Hibernation and the way they construct songs with clean acoustic guitars and then speed up full of distorted energy. With the first listening I felt that I know this band cause the S.D.S, Acrostix and Effigy feeling is in and out, up and down on this 7'', so I asked my good – Japanese hardcore guru – friend milan if there are any members from the above mentioned bands. The answer was not EFFIGY but DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR.


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