Mar 6, 2012

Conspiracy of Denial - demo 2012

My good friends Conspiracy of Denial starts tomorrow morning their mini tour alongside turbo-blast sacrilege Jagernaut. Their heading to the east, and to be specific to Instanbul and Ankara for two gigs. First, they'll unleash their inferno stings to Biologiko squat in Thessaloniki tomorrow night. Please support both bands, because they fucking deserve it. Conspiracy recorded the three tracks i have posted a while back again with their new drummer and he has been also the mind of the recording procession. Nice recording, this time with some blast-beats, the vocals sound better and the leads are killing me slowly (τις κοβω τις φλεβες, που λενε...). They have also a brand new bandcamp and you can download their demo. Great artwork from andreas.

"Conspiracy of Denial is a five piece war machine that will not ask your little sister a romantic date, NO. The only date you go with those nuts will be on amazon jungle with machetes and colt shotguns."

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