Mar 29, 2012

Ripcord - Poetic Justice LP

Ripcord was founded in Weston-super-mare in 1984, they had released some of the most ear breaking albums in their brief career. From their thrashy hardcore of "Defiance of Power" to the this-is-hardcore "Poetic Justice" lp of 1988 the band have redefined the terms of fast, catchy, breaking, awesome and in the end they made the term hardcore a synonym of their name. When i first bought their Discography part II from skuld releases i felt like a tornado was blasting my brain cells (not unlike to the death metal fans when they first listened to "altars of madness" from Morbid Angel). Fast, short songs with simple distorted riffs with fast drumming to ensure the noise and a guy in sideburns yelling with Siege, SSD or Deep Wound as influences. Simple as that and the masterpiece took form. Still i ask myself if poetic justice never saw the light of day, what would be the shape of today's hardcore punk. For me, this is probably the best hardcore album ever, and yes, i still prefer Ripcord to Heresy. If you like it, check also bands like Dumbstruck, Spite, Cracked cop skulls, Filthkick and Violent Arrest. All of them have Ripcord members. Simple, dark, old-school, uk-style hardcore punk. This is all there is...



Dan said...

now were talking
ridicilous good lp!
probably the best stuff ever written in the u.k. but thats me ;-0
you should keep an eye out for the va-complete death live cd-r,up tonight/tomorrow,has a little bit live SxOxB on it,sounds good after ripcord ;-0
take care,

Stathis the real said...

Mia apo tis megaliteres mpantes stin istoria tou hc!Euge Mike!