Mar 22, 2012

Icon Gallery - Self titled Lp

Lately nobody seems to give the less interest, rather our lives passes in front of our eyes, and we can not even touch em. We may are close to distance. Nobody seemed to care about the mundo muerto post, but I'll continue and today we will talk about an amazing band coming from Pittsburgh, the icon gallery.

One or two years ago, batguano have posted the demo and 7'' and wrote "What we do have is some kind of awesome post punk-rock-hardcore with a fair amount of complexity, melody, grit, and hooks; the kind of rock that needs to be heard and not analyzed". My love for the melodic female punchy vocals is beyond doubt with bands like Petrograd, Cojoba, or the Assassinators always been on my top-lists when i have to make a suggestion to some buddy that has some serious psy problems, and that's where Icon Gallery settles in. Powerful, passionate, with some high edged vocals with sincere depression that fluids outta the lyrics ("highway 44" is the proof). To say it in other words, music played be three hipsters and a girl in a Hellshock t-shirt. Or just the american answer to the TERRIBLE FEELINGS madness, or maybe even better. Listen and don't analyze.

"so i got to hold tight and pray, we'll never see the light of day"


Anonymous said...

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Mundo Muerto, kai den psarwse polu o laos...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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