Sep 7, 2011

Upcoming gigs / September : Dogsholylife (usa) & Crimen (mexico)

The theme for my new post is the upcoming hot september that we are gonna experience. Economical crisis is getting worse, we'll propably have not enough money to buy bread but we are too stubborn to bow down (Όπως λέει και το σύνθημα “Καταλήψεις – Απαλλοτροιώσεις – Οδοφράγματα! Η φτώχεια θέλει καλοπέραση!”), and we gonna rock it (literally and figuratively), right?

So, on 12 of september Dogsholylife will play on Strefi's hill with Conspiracy of Denial and Timetrap.I'm glad that i am among the guys that runs this gig, and you should come and support the venue 'coz every single cent that we make as profit will be given to the "solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle". 

Now, Dogsholylife comes from Los Angeles and delivers amazing short-fused crust with tones of great and catchy riffs, simple playing with exceptional drumming that builts up for their dual vocals. You can download their first album from their bandcamp page. It's called "44 weeks - 44 questions". At the bottom of the post i also have the link for their new Lp called "this is a test", so go on and shout : "destroy their fucking metal and bang your fuckin head".

Four days later (16 of september) again on Strefi's hill we'll have the chance to enjoy some of the catchiest punk/hardcore tunes from some crazy old-wolves from mexico. Crimen. Members of Crimen used to play in the following bands : US AGAINST THE WORLD, INSOLENTES, BIGSPIN, RUINA TÖTAL, ANTIMASTER, 301 IZQUIERD. In their bandcamp you can check their releases. This is the best hardcore punk i've recently listened to. Sing-alongs allowed! Dirty wombs from patra will deliver also their japcore fury (rummours : they play Death Side cover!!!!!)

download : dogsholylife - this is a test (removed by request of the band)

download - Crimen - Nada importa

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