Apr 28, 2011

Wild//Tribe - Endless Nights

Found this band on the net "by accident" and fuckin' blown away. Wild//Tribe comes from texas and share members with the great crust/core band Unit 21 (or Tribe is the new band of that fellows, i don't know for sure).

So, i don't really have so much to say.. Here we have a band that combines great japanese hardcore with that Tragedy pogo parts. They keep on reminding me the better stuff of World burns to death (early days) with that metallic edge d-beat or how Masakari would propably sound if they didn't change so much their sound after their first 7''. This is a 6 track album with great tracks that will make your neck ache and knees broke, and by the way this is awwweesome. Cover art by Sugi!

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Anonymous said...

PRESSURE - WILD__TRIBE.mp3. The file is corrupt

Billy said...

alla to soundtrack tis meras einai

mikxxx said...

it's working fine for me mate...i'll upload a better rip in the near future...cheers

billy psofas gia kati tetoia...galazoaimatoi my ass...skoulikia...

Anonymous said...

toumpanoi oi tupoi.
exoun prama krumeno sta splaxna tous!

mikxxx said...

prama krymmeno???

Anonymous said...

wraies mousikes, riff, stixous. doulemeno. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wild//Tribe is all the members of Unit 21, plus a 2nd singer. And the Album is 11 songs, not 6.