Apr 22, 2011

Burn Again - Excuses for apologies

Let's get this straight, this post is definitely not for those who don't afford modern styles of music, talent, well played crust and the land finland. It's also not for those who wear police sunglasses, eats ice-cream in a cool shiny day or even think that they live in a perfect world. This world has hate, famine (and Darkthrone) and Burn Again, a band who can drop the whole sky in your little head (as their track "the sky is falling" declares).

As my good friend billy asked for some scandi-crust i felt i owe him a post, not that his taste is similar to burn again, but at least i tried. So, let's start with the infos. "Excuses for apologies" is the cd release of the band's demo alongside the side of the split with Lahdon Aika (also a killer band from finland. Here you can download some tracks the band offers for free). It has been released in Japan by Acclaim, Urban resistant and Reset not equal zero records.

Here we have pure d-beat orgy with tones of modern crustcore guitar leads and riffs, melodic and catchy bridges, fast drums and dual male vocals, both angry and mean. I know you think From Ashes Rise (also Never Built Ruins and the other brutal neo-crust german bands) etc and you should do, but here is something bigger than just "neo-crust" label, it's about heart, passion and beating, or even better i like to think is the legacy of another great finnish band called Sharpeville. So, be ready to feel the sky crushing you.



Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post! Great stuff... :-)

Anonymous said...

wraia mpanta. 8umizoun burning the prospect

Billy said...

tous akouo tora,nai exoun afto to From Ashes Rise/Burning the Prospect yfos,oraioi einai,thanks Mike