Aug 6, 2010

White Male Dumbinance - Forced Vengeance 7''

I'm no big fan of powerviolence, that's for sure, but sometimes you have to recognise the power and genious of a band, even if the genre is not "worth dying for". Borrowing their name from the classic B.G.K album White male dumbinance is (was?) a great hardcore act from Newcastle, new south wales, australia. In this 7'' that have been released in 2008 they deliver twelve tracks of ferocious and pissed-off hardcore punk for fans of Charles bronson, Infest or Mind Eraser. Blastbeats just fills up the great riffs and the insane vocals, while the mid-tempo parts make you wonder "is it going to come in my head?". Add a crazy cover to INFEST's "why don't you" and political lyrics that deals with anti themes. They have released also a demo and a split with Masstrauma (and if you start begging in front of me i'll post them). Members have also been in the following bands : Arms Reach, Life.Love.Regret, The Dead Walk!, Conation (great!) and Captain Cleanoff! (greater!!).

I found a great text in the band's my(as)space and i think is much more useful to read it than read my own words. I'm still excited with bands that have something to say. by the way you propably will hear this 7'' 3-4 times 'till you finnish reading................

"Chances are 90% of Psuedo hardcore kids have never heard this style before because we play Hardcore (Harder & Faster Style of Punk in case you didn't know!)
This is not fucking watered down uplifting MTV goth pop cock rock!
What gets me is the shit you call emo is sounds like uplifting praise music, its not emotional its not dark so why walk around looking all goth & shit calling yourself emo?
Ironically if Icehouse & Journey were to have formed today & not in the 80's, Iva Davis & Steve Perry would have become Hardcore Gods & they both don't even know what Hardcore Fucking is, Thats Right Modern Hardcore sounds like Van Halen with Evil Cartoon Monster Vocals!, Areosmith & Warrant are fucking amazing Harcore bands in comparisson to these new christian MTV hardcore bands
Fuck your myspace photos taken from distorted angles from above to hide your fat fucking features! Fuck your Fashion show!
Fuck your turn hardcore shows into a pick up speed dating event!
Fuck your hammer-on Van Halen guitar leads
Fuck your happy fingers hand dance whatever the fucking stab worthy dance is?
Fuck your weak instep which is just a unco-ordinated version of a NY Style strut!
Fuck your everybody look at me I'm in the pit weak ballet kick box moves & cart wheels & I don't even think for a second I don't notice that you when you finish doing them you always look around the room with the corner of your eye to see who saw you!
It seems like anyone who gets in the pit these days is only in it to hopefully get in a dogpile photo or to be seen by some fat pastey goth emo nerd chick who will suck off anyone with a tattoo & a hitler haircut!
Fuck these Fanzines with Fashion Tips & Model Pages & interviews with bands like Underoath etc etc etc etc etc, who do nothing but exploit hardcore
Fuck the local bands who charge $15 minimum to watch their cockpuppet show & Fuck the those who go to the shows & pay to see them, by supporting greedy elitist bands like that you contributing to raising the costs & the unethical demands of a movement that is non profit & anti establishment
How can you preach to Rage Against The Machine but build your own machine on the same Parallel principle, what are you thinking?
"You guys can have your shitty electronic pop star R & B & we will contradict & betray every single aspect of hardcore integrity that exists & stand against you with a billion dollar empire of hardcore bands & we will always rebel against you with the support of our mainstream underground middle to upper class movement because the poor hardcore kids cannot afford to be a part of our absolutist equilibrium"!
Fuck your speech about how its ok to profit from hardcore & sell out & raise the door prices because we just wanna make a living doing what we do & we want to sell more units because we want to reach a wider audience & you need to have door prices to pay your manager,promoter, roadie & merch guys!, if that is you it might be an idea to stop calling yourself a hardcore band or emo band or any other style of music that is a created by hardcore punk
You piece of shit you sound like every corporate identity, bankers, fascist, stockbrokers, marketers etc etc etc, Its always about you, There is no moral integral reasoning behind what you do, you are nothing but a sycophant scumbag "I just sell crack to babies because I need to make money to feed my family I have to invest in a business venture that builds Nuclear Weapons to to pay off my six mansions &  my little island in the carribean!",  My wants can be overlooked as not being greedy or as being an act of treason to a righteous movement because I am somewhat an exception so I think its ok if I exploit a movement because I paid my dues & I am nice guy, so let me fuck everything that was ever pure & real about the hardcore movement!, you use hardcore as a stepping stone for bigger things, you wanna write a little bio in ten years time how you had humble beginnings in a punk band & lived on your friends couch then boo ya you are now a figurehead & feel somewhat embarrassed about your past & having been associated with unsuccessful little shitkickers who have no assetts or careers in the big world!.
Fuck your $5000 wireless amps!
Fuck fuck quotes on shit that is tedious, predictable, self indulgent & non productive!
This Insanely Long Bitter Rant Of Truth Is Brought To You By Yours Truely



Dan said...

great way to introduce your band & i thought i hated a few thing about the modern hc "scene" ;-0
nice one!


mikxxx said...

modern hardcore (way of thinking etc sucks)

glueman71 said...

lol, nice rant...and true.

Biologica said...

o typos apla ta eipe ola!


ma mono kai mono pou legetai etsi, m'aresei!

Black Trinity said...

egw eimai mike.
apla katalathos ekana to sxolio syndedemenos sto blog tou viologikou opws eides...

mikxxx said...

nai re mitso
to katalava...