Aug 23, 2010

The lost self who beats your ass

Last days i find my self in a spiritual nirvana. Lately i'm so obsessed with weird (for me) music styles like stoner rock or even sludge (i'm sick, doc.) reminds me the first days as a "university" student, back then i was loving the first two Spiritual beggars albums and the "In the mushroom" cd of LID. Nowadays i discovered 16 (holy shit), Laughing hyenas (they are weird, aren't they?) and witchcraft. On the other hand i have to listen one time per day (pharmacy's prescription) Poison idea's "Feel the darkness" and Out cold's "Permanent twillight world" (Oh my god, i haven't done a single post about OUT COLD).

But, what the hell i'm talking about? If the hell could speak in tongues, it's name would be WARHEAD :

thanx to penny lane for the photo - thanx, (pin-up) girl!

So, warhead is one of the most underrated bands from japan. When everyone talks about Gauze and Stupid babies go mad (???) here's the real deal. Hailing from a city outside Osaka called Kyoto these punks have released one lp, two seveninches and a split 7'' while they have a 4 way split with DSB, Zone and Extinct Government. they have toured uk and usa (with Tragedy if i'm not mistaken) and they have write some of the best thrashy songs.

Raging thrashy hardcore / crust. If you wanna hear a madman who drunk some shinning nails you have to hear this. Do you need anything else?
Here you'll get :
-Cry of truth 7'' (1991 self released, later on Amok records)
-What to do with this Yearning & The lost self and beating heart (Ugly Pop records, reissue - Batguano's rip)
-Drive it in your head (1999, Fast nail records)

Judge dredd (movie) is starting up, so i'm leaving you in "good hands". Enjoy  (also check a very good article about japanese hardcore here)

Just, potatoes and rice (usual stuff - Japcore. press the fucking button)


Icky said...

Excellent post on a presonal favorite of mine as well!

mikxxx said...

haha LO-res you are a man with good taste..
i ripped your "just potatoes and meat" and change it a little bit due to vegeterian issues....

Black Trinity said...

ありがとうございます。( = arigatou gozaimasu = thank you very much)

mikxxx said...

na tona ton iapona...

7inchcrust said...

oraios, ;)

mikxxx said...

pio oraios eisai esy billy
pou me epsises gia gallery kai grief kai antegrapsa warhead

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yeah, sure. I've added you to the blog list. I like your blog too and have been here quite a few times when I think of it.
Plus, I've downloaded Decripit. Thanks for that. Brings back nice memories of watching them in Liege. Too bad they disbanded shortly after that.

mikxxx said...

you are added, mate
keep up the good work

Downsided said...

Laughing hyenas are awesome!

mikxxx said...

yeah, milan
they are
john brannon is a killer