May 8, 2013

Sickoids - No home

Long time no see. Trying to overcome some technical problems, as my external hard driver has been burnt off and i don't know if i can fix him (or how much money) i hadn't the best time lately. I won't start to grumble so let's focus. What i knew about sickoids was that they are a totally tough band and by tough i don't mean all that muscle pumped tough guy hardcore bands but the toughness you get from a raging bull on second before he demolishes his attack and their first LP was the proof. What i didn't know is that they feature members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt and they have a new 12'' out there released from Sorry State Records. To be honest i was waiting for the new Active Minds and the new Out Cold (yes, they have a brand new lp out...) Lps but "No Home" came in as a tornado. "Occupy your time" starts out with that crazy mid-tempo bass line and the drums start rolling over and then the vocals, and then you press repeat. Yep, the lenght of the album is twelve long minutes and yes this is a hardcore album. "Delusion" will be on my new mix comp before Partisan's 17years of hell, oh yeahhhhhhhh.



Anonymous said...

Πολύ καλό δισκάκι αν και το προηγούμενο μαρεσε πιοτερο. Αντε ανάστησε το blog και κάνε ποστ για νεο Burial :P
Πες και τι ξέρεις για Out Cold!

mikxxx said...

prepei na anastiso ton skliro mou (eksoteriko) disko burial leo na to postaro aurio....gia tous out cold loipon, edo ta exei analutika:

Anonymous said...

gamane oi sickoids! to exw liwsei.
ante re mixali, leipeis kairo kai anaggazomatse na katevazoume apo allou re gmt!
to neo burial episis gamei. emena toulaxiston m'arese poly.
kai fysika i fasi einai needles!

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck was everybody,the have there Euro tour
and nobody came to the show.What a bummer,they deserve way more.But they have some show left,it they play in your city,do your self a favor and go to the show.