May 13, 2013

Eyesore - Love the old, learn the new

Eyesore is a punk band from japan playing a blend of old-school USHC ala die kreuzen, minor threat and the likes of the era but with a personal style. This 7'' released back in 2011 from Crew for life records (what a name!!) and delivers six short fused and angry tracks full of speedy but catchy drums, simple hardcore riffs and a yelling vocalist. Those of you that like Total Fury i'm sure that you'll like Eyesore too. Also, eyesore had the guts to cover an Out Cold track for the upcoming VA - A tribute to Out cold Lp featuring 10 japanese bands. Eyesore have what it takes.



Anonymous said...

Τι έγινε με τον σκληρό? :P
Ωραία μπάντα πάντως,παρόμοιο με total fury. Ο Ήχος ειναι ολά τα λεφτά,ωραίο μπάσο και γενικά γεμάτη παραγωγή. Το μόνο μείον τα φωνητικά

Anonymous said...

Μια χαρά εινα τα φωνητικά! στους Τotal fury δεν μαρεσουν και τα μπέρδεψα.