Dec 13, 2012

Suomi hardcore : a mini tribute

To be honest, i'm totally bored with all the new trends and revivals towards the hardcore punk music. I can't go on with shitty dark wave / post-punk, everyone seems to enjoy nowadays, i can't even listen bands everyone talks about them (bloggers, friends etc) on how fucking "awesome" and brilliant are, playing just fast u.s hardcore (guys, it's just hardcore.). My friend dbill and I have that idea (long long time ago) to do some specials on different scenes from around the globe mainly to educate our fellow greek punx and secondly for our own amusement. You can check the tribute we did on danish (k-town) hardcore and punk scene, and i think is the right time to have a look on the finnish scene of the early 80's and how the "russians" made so deadly great punk (guys, it's just great). I've chosen the country and the era mainly due to the band Kaaos while i was listening "Vaihtoehto" and "Syytön Sivustakatsoja". The raging power of the band remind me that if you don't know your roots you can't figure out who you are and where you're going - as a person and as a scene - and fuck, We are pissed off punks. Some friends will help me out with this one and i hope that we'll post 5-6 albums of that exact era. Take care, we'll begin posting tomorrow...

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