Dec 17, 2012


-Snow white and the mighty d-bill :

Wear your parka, your hiking boots and a pair of warm socks, grab a cognacand get ready to pogo your way straight to santas' cold village in Finland.

Maybe Terveet Kadet is what makes Borja trim his mustache with candles up his buttocks, maybe Mike was impressed with Cavalleras' Kaaos t-shirt, but when i think of Finland the first thing to come in mind is FUCKIN BASTARDS and their patented "Siberian Hardcore".

This 1983 LP starts off like a well oiled Kamaz war-truck running over everything in the ice tundra, and never lets go!! Simple, catchy as hell and to the point hardcore riffs, and some Finns doing their best english accents (sounding like russians giving you instructions in your home town), while screaming their lungs out. This record has a slight Discharge feel to it, but think more cold, drunk and demented (Finland!)... Bastards is essential

...on a not so punk, but Finland related ending note, the Finn Sami Hyypia was amongst the most loved players according to Liverpool fans... This has little to do with Bastards, but defensive Hyypia almost scored a header goal at his last game against Tottenham Hotspur. Continuing the non-punk related notes to seal off this really really good Bastards post, Sami Hyypia has also run a marathon in 3h 56 min and 09 secs.


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