Oct 8, 2012


Arnakia (Lambs) started as a band back in 1984 jamming under the sounds of the Clash, Stranglers etc in various basements around exarchia and kipseli in the center of Athens, Greece. They participated two tracks on the infamous various artists LP “Syllogh Antithanatou”. The band changes constantly members till '88 when bassist Dimitris Papatheofilou meets during his army's service Haris Papasideris who joins the band as a guitarist, soon after that an advertisement on the “Pop & Rock” magazine brings Antonis Protonotarios in the band as their new drummer and that's their final line-up. They recorded the LP “Sto stoma tou lykou” (In wolve's mouth) somewhere in 1992 and in 1996 they started to record for their new Full-Length, but suddenly Antonis after the drums recording session dies due to heart problems. The rest members record later that year the tracks on antonis pre-recorded drums and finally release their second LP “To Ergostasio” (the factory) in 1999. Arnakia is a band that take equal parts from the 90's rock alternative scene of Athens as of course elements from the 80's punk scene. They may have a clear and bass-driven sound but you can definitely listen some huge tracks, nice melodic vocals and lyrics that goes from personal frustration to social rage all written in a personal way. The last track of the second LP (that everyone knows as their self titled LP and not as “To ergostsio”) “Imouna nekros” (I was dead) it's written for the death of the greek anarchist Christoforos Marinos. Here you get the second LP on a 256kbps rip from my hard-copy and this LP is my favorite tune for my running sessions lately because it fills me with a great feeling of inner peace. Take care.


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jk said...

thank you for this!! Anarkia is an awesome and unique band. found them online three years ago and they have been a form favorite. i do wonder if there's anyway to contact the band. a long shot! thanks.