Oct 3, 2012


live in Villa Amalias squat somewhere in 1998
I'm trying some time now to find the right words to start explain my feelings about one of my favorite bands of my childhood. Alt T.C were a band that I got so fucking much of, mainly to my friendship with one of the band's members, Doros who was the bassist of the band and the first person who copied tapes for me. He opened the magic world of punk in front of me with cassettes of Blitz, One way system, GBH, Dead Kennedys, Antidrasi, Genia tou Xaous, Negative Stance, Naytia and so many more great bands so this post is also a big THANX dude. Alt t.c born in July of 1994 in the island of Corfu, greece. Four young men that wanted to express their concerns and beliefs and anger through their music, they released one demo and a 7'' till 1998 that they changed vocalist and they added a second guitar with the sound going-on more on the anarcho-punk scene of that era, sharp and tight punk with dual angry vocals. They self-released their second demo Akoma Zontanos (Still Alive) with ten great hardcore punk songs. The sound is not the best but, for a one-day recording on a four-track I think it's dynamic and powerful. I remember like it was yesterday -back in the high-school years – when mom was going to take a nap after her work I was snicking in her car and played fucking loud this cassette. Three years later they released a split LP with 20 minutes de chaos from france on the anarchist collective / record label Maloka. Better production and sound enforce the synthesis with melodic riffs, tight rhythm section and political lyrics. I can say that this band did it for me back in the day and from time to time when I feel frustrated I put the demo on the player and start screaming the lyrics right through my heart. Maybe the greek answer to Sin Dios? Enjoy...

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horrible band