May 28, 2012

The War Goes On - This shitty life

For those who remember Ungdomshuset squat in denmark and the conflict with that shitty christian sect as much as the "evacuation" and the daily riots with the bastard police will may remeber a little poster about Antimob, World burns to death and Love potion concert in copenhagen that had a member of that sect nailed to a dick, so you have to know : the dick belongs to Lasse, this band's guitarist, the same person that claimed a lot of negative comments during the HjerteStop gig in athens some years ago due to his weird jokes. So, The War Goes On includes members from the already mentioned Hjerte Stop and No hope for the kids. And they are too close to No Hope For The Kids as i can judge, nice vocals and lyrics drenched in alcohol and rock n roll. Classy moody danish punk rock folks...The rip is taken from the Cold War blog but i ripped it from wav to 320 kbps mp3s...



Lobotomized said...

Great stuff. Hope they last long enough so they manage to record an LP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this shit! is amazing... cheers from colombia... and thanks for the mp3... hehehe wav sucks :P


Look this band:

mikxxx said...

nice band andres
i like the crazy delay on vox and the dbeat madness from the young lads