May 14, 2012

Hammers - 2012 - Vardogr

So, let's say what shit bothers us... Desolation, isolation, misery, stagnation, every-day life and mediocre living. So, guys chill-on : here we have the new Hammers album and this is the ALBUM of the year. I've tried to bring these dudes for some gigs in greece but we never did it and I have to claim responsibility for that. I'll try to convince them (with call-girls and hard drinks) to reconsider it. The new album kicks in with a truly majestic track. Here is the ultimate mixing of passion and delicant d-beat. Where the latest Tragedy lp failed here is where Hammers take advantage of. Short tracks, with viking riffs and titanic vocals. I loved the first 7'' and I pre-ordered the Orogeny lp to help the band, and fuck this album continues where the previous album stopped. Fast parts turns out to great mid-tempo parts that builds a catastrophic atmosphere and then back to raging d-beat with ugly leads and yells. It's good to know that a band you love came back from hiatus like a biting mummy to reincarnate and eat you alive. "A coffin in the shape of a chapel” seems to be the hit but I’ll think you push the play button four more times to understand what the hell hit you. Brad (from ashes rise) did the mix and Jack (World burns to death) did the mastering. Ian Kilmister : “And I'm here to stay, it's gonna be that way, / Don't try to run, don't try to scream, / Believe me, The Hammer's gonna smash your dream “. Yep, the HAMMERS gonna smash your dream. Album of the year. Crust.

i'm drunk. you should pay attention


Anonymous said...

Porwsh, opws me thn kasseta tous year one. Ta alla den ta exw akousei endelexws.
Alla edw kommatares!
K paragwgara.

mikxxx said...

nai re malaka
alla thelei kalh akroash, exei dyslkola shmeia pou paizoun tis kaltses tous (tis vgazoun kai tis paizoun)

tous esteila to review kai tsekare apanthsh:
"Hahaha love you Mike. We WILL come to Greece, promise. Review of the year."


Frankie said...

kala den... ti na... afwnos