Feb 13, 2012

"Hardcore Punk without content is totally useless, like beer without alcohol."

After long time here in fifteen-counts we are happy to post a new compilation of some rad and ass-kicking tracks from some bands that we (or I) have been listening-to recently. Some of them are obscure (but should not), some of them are for die-hard(s) and some of them are famous enough to make you puke. If you live in the center of athens, load this to your mp3player and have a walk among the remains.

First your buildings, then your Capitalist system
1. Rubbish heap - Slow defeat
I have posted Heap's lp and 7'' one year ago. Coming from Antwerp, Belgium and this track is on their 1996 demo. Pay attention to the intro : “they live only to face a new nightmare... a war against the machines” taken from Terminator 2. A god way to start though.

2. Artimus Pyle – Gray flannel suits
Artimus Pyle is fast, tight and bone-breaking. Robert aka The Wizard do the bass duties and this is how dystopia would sound if they-wanted-to play fast."Gray flannel suits replaced by designer labels but the meaning is still the same. Be good, don't make waves, shut up, have a drink and you'll go far". CRUST.

3. Jagernaut – Life means shit
“the aftermath of horror / crawling though the trenches / pitching into the pieces / of what life once was / life means shit”. Yep, this is a statement. Jagernaut is a new four-piece noisy, in your face crusty hardcore band from athens, greece. I really enjoy them everytime i see them on stage and they really captured all their energy in this recording. Their split tape with Hello Bastards is out...

4. Deathraid - All life ends
What to say for these dudes? Very nice guys that spent more than 20 years of their life in the diy punk movement. Members of State of Fear, Decrepit, Consume etc. Kneel.

5. Deadly Reign – Who are we shooting at?
Deadly reign and their latest release “no end in sight” is the best example of refreshing d-beat. When you think of boring discharge clones you have to give this record a listen. With members of World burns to death, Till Death and scarred for life. Make me think US soldiers and their war on terror. Who are you shooting at?

6. Active Minds – Junkies
I won't go far. Political, sharp to the bone and radical. Active minds is my personal favorite European hardcore punk band. They're active from 1986 and they still kicking, release of late 2011. “We are addicted to oooooiiiilllllll”.

7. Alt t.c – Χαιρε ω Χαίρε Λευτεριά
This is my favorite greek band by far. Their second demo (I’ll post it some day soon) from 1998 delivers the best mid-tempo anarchist-core tunes I have ever listened. The rip isn't great as the original recording is not too. A four track recorder in a small studio somewhere in greek province. Someone said “the greek Sin Dios, fast, melodic and political”.

8. Frustration – Sleepwalker
Well, inimical records tends to be one of the best US-based labels out there. After Sahn Maru and Raw Nerves, here comes Frustration. Heavy, energetic punk rock with gravy vocals. Seattle punk.

9. 1981 – Nightmare / Reality
“what happened to these Finnish? They sound like Englishmen to me”, my companion ask herself and she have totally right. 1981 comes from Finland, but they combine '80s UK anarcho-punk with some No hope for the kids sadness.

10. Rajat – Saroja kuoressa
My mind can't take it, no. Why so many brilliant bands comes from that cursed land of the north. Another excellent finnish band with the singer of Rakkaus. Melodic and catchy, they seem to remind me Post Regiment.

11. Backlash – Realities of life
Guess what? Finland again. I was talking with Seve the other day and he sent me this track, a new recording for their upcoming 12''. Japanese worshipers pay attention. Poser leads fanatics pay attention.

12. Ruleta Rusa – Ray nara
Ruleta Rusa comes from San Francisco and reminds me all those Latino hardcore legends. Mixing fast punk with rock'n'roll, hard hitting drums and nice guitar parts. If the vocals reminds you Peligro Social, you are right coz Jose do the singing.

13. N/N – Es anarquista
Best song of the maximum rock'n'roll LP “noise ordinance”. Fast and angry latino hardcore. The title speak for itself. Yeah, los crudos members. Suck on it.

14. Out Cold – You lie
Out Cold and You Lie track. Don't do sing along yelling : “Make.You.Pay”. The refrain say “Lie.To.Me'.

15. KingTerror – Voice your fucking opinion.
My friend Kim plays the guitar here, and he used to sing for Rubbish heap. They are not Grind, they are Grande! I'm copy-pasting their booklet : “While spending far too much money on their ridiculously expensive records, shirts and other merchandise crap, will you buy their coolness and their opinions as well? Think for yourself and voice your fucking opinion.”

16. Seein' Red – direct action
Taken from “direct action” 7'' from 1991. anti-fascist, anti-capitalist communist straight-edge. Direct, direct, direct action is what we need.

17. Dropdead – Do you choose life?
Will you choose life? Will you stand strong? Will you resist a system that is wrong?
(το τέλειο soundtrack για να τραγουδάς στο μπάνιο)


Dan said...

what did you set on fire this time Mike
the starbucks ;-0
your stuff goes out this week!!!
sending a few extra copies of the sucked dry 7 inch,give em to some good people!
take care

mikxxx said...

we set the whole world on fire mate
starbucks is a good start and even better is the numerous central banks that was turned to ashes... ACE!

thanx for the gift i'm waiting with such an anxiety.

servulgar said...

good comps mate!
big salute from spain!

Anonymous said...

St'athidia tou Sthati auth h sullogh
Diplasiasmos st'athdiwn...TWRAAAAA