Jan 26, 2012

Bombenalarm - tape & 7''


Once upon a time, i used to love german hardcore punk, and still i do. Some bands where fucking brilliant, that's for sure and as i can recall Bombenalarm was the blast. The knife-fighter, the small kid with the shiny eyes, the one that you can't think of ripping you off and he sure do, he always rip you off. If Monster put me back to the game, Burial gave me the shouts to the world and The Now-Denial made me to sing along and copy the front-man grooves in front of my mirror, then Bombenalarm made my life worth to live for. Songs like "Black hope", "Worth nothing" and "Another cheap excuse" although are painted in the most bitter and dark colors, i feel that they are trying to say "You have nothing to lose in this world, so fight for a change".

Shapesifter records (reach them through this mail : shapeshifter57@hotmail.com) from Mexico released the band's first demo and the "Destination : Fucked up" 7'' as a digipack cd (pic above) with great sound. Mountza store gave me this brilliant release for free and i have to thank them. I ripped the cd in 256kbp. The sound is perfect, the songs are brilliant, a bit more fast than the later releases. the vocals is the highlight as much as Fabian's crazy drumming. Suit yourselves lads.


Anonymous said...

This Band Never Wrote A Bad Song.

mikxxx said...

totally correct