Jan 17, 2012

Ramlord & Condensed Flesh - split tape

I just got this amazing split tape by mail. Colin from Stimulation addict records sent me the link from this beast and i was totally sick. Here we have two new amazing bands from New Hampshire that totally kick blackened asses.

Ramlord (that rips Battle of Disarm's logo - and you can't go wrong with that) offers a heavy blend of the usual old-school crust alongside sludgy parts that go away only for more brutal assaults. I really love the vocals, well done to the singer. Somewhere i read that they are like Artimus Pyle. I'll agree but they are more into slow-fast part changes.
On the other hand we have Condensed Flesh, a more bleak representation of sludgy crust, the one with the blackened garnish. Their side is one track and is a live recording, but it sounds good. They have also great screaming vocals (they eat nails for breakfast), the usual proto-blackmetal sounding and axes instead of guitars. This split shreds and you should give it a try and if you like it buy it through Colin (see link above). And as Ramlord says : "Smoke weed // Kill Cops".


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