Mar 5, 2011

Words that Burn - Profits of the christ 7''

I'm feeling so lucky when great guys like mr. 7inchcrust sends in my mail some great seveninches to review and post that make me blush. Thanx a lot billy, i owe you.

couldn't find other pic, sorry
So, here we have Words that Burn from wisconsin. Lately i have re-invent my love for hardcore-punk in general, when bands like this one, like mauser or Cross stitched eyes come across my stereo. Words that burn have also another lp called "spawning ground for heroes".

This 7'' has 5 tracks of great heavy and solid crust-punk in the vein of early Profane Existence releases (yep, i mean the 90's, mate) even if "profits..." released somewhere in 2004. The first song "666 pack" has that stupid lyrics about alcohol passion and the rest stupid usual crusty theme (the lyrical approach on crust-punk about alcohol i can say is the only thing i really hate about crust, even more than patches.) but the guitars are thick and they have something like an intro that reminds me a lot the greek hardcore / crust scene of the 90's in greece, bands like Chaotic end or Forgotten prophecy comes in mind. Think something between Amebix and Nausea. Strong, thick and mid-tempo.

And as i like to do, i'll borrow some words : "the more serious tracks attacking corporate greed, war, religion, etc. are fine by me. Typical, but fine. "Badges won't pay for life, Those who choose to serve, To breathe the death, As they stand and fight, Irresponsible technology swallows, His dreams for tomorrow are chemically burned..." Another solid release from Words That Burn. It's really nothing new, but it still delivers."

Enjoy and leave some comments, m/fuckers



7inchcrust said...

whats wrong with patches? :)

mikxxx said...

the patches....
it's getting boring to be like a "national flag" when you haven'y heard at least the half of the bands you wear (not you, in general)

7inchcrust said...


the wizard said...

Great band...but they hail from the Great State Of Wisconsin.

mikxxx said...

fixed...thanx for the infos