Mar 11, 2011

Burning Leather - Daylight Nights

After some time i finally found the new Burning leather lp. I know you might seeking for this one for some time now, so now you can get it.

In case you're waiting for a brand new album i will let you down. This Lp has 10 tracks, 6 are from the first demo and the rest 4 are new material. The tracks from the demo have more driven sound, some extra guitars, more mid-paced feeling and in general rocks. The new material continues the Burning Leather. Dirty, stinking alcohol, motorhead-friendly and ear-bitting. I think that i prefer the sound of the first demo 'coz it gives you more ENERGY but i honestly believe that this one is rock'n'roll diamond, and remember this statement after ten years. Mesmerised in pain. hahahah. Have a good listening, and check also the previous post about Burning leather here with a lot of infos.



Anonymous said...

awesome blog man, do you think we could get a re-up of the burning leather stuff?

mikxxx said...

it's up. i'll see if i can upload the other stuff too

take care