Jun 7, 2010

Inu - tracks from upcoming split with Kroia

Spain : a country well-known around the world for awesome dishes and food reserves, barcelona fc and zara clothes. As for the hardcore community, spain is worshiped as the motherland of the modern, pessimistic and catchy as hell, tragedy / from ashes rise influenced crust (don't start throw rocks on me, i know that great bands like otan or destino final are from there too), bands like Madame germen, Ictus, Leadershit and so much more made this genre so popular inside punk community. I'll get to the point.

Some days before moro (guitarist of Inu) contacted the blog and asked, if i can, to post their brand new five tracks from their upcoming split with indonesia's Kroia. After some e-mail exchanges, here we are...

As a big japcore fan i couldn't say no to a truly great band as Inu really is. Hailing from the northwest of spain, la coruna to be more specific, the guys that fuels the engine of Inu have been playing in some other bands also. Blunt (great crust band, check some stuff here and here), Codia (old-school hardcore punk), Noitebrega (black metal), Kephra (post-metal) are some of the them.

Moro has sent me also the lyrics, that deals with personal issues mainly but also with some politics. Now, as far the sounds that will come out of your speakers. Well, you must go and buy some new ones 'coz Inu certainly will burn' em out even if you're gonna play it on 0 decibel. Full DEATH SIDE maniacs here. era : With the first riff "All is here now" comes to mind in a physical way. Crazy, driven by demons Chelsea's riffage, crude drumming and judgement feeling (almost forgotten : add some Iron maiden for the flavour and for satan's sake)... Yeah, Inu rocks really hard. Imagine a torch-holding army marching to the deepest of all hells and you may catch the feeling. The sound is more than decent, counting that the band has recorded all tracks by themselves in their practice-room (that's how DIY recordings must be).
Hope you like them... Cook some extra spicy vegeterian paella, grab a cold glass of sangria and enjoy.

Dedicated to moro who sent me these tracks and black Mitsos that will love them for sure.

Shot in the head


Black Trinity said...

aliteia 100% leme!!!
thanx re mike! ta'spasan!
paizei na einai oti kalytero ispaniko exw akousei twra teleutaia meta tous destino final...
ki autoi oi codia kaloi! kai oi noitebrega...!

mikxxx said...

tora grapsto kai sta agglika na to doune na xaroune....