May 11, 2010

Thou & Mohorram atta - split Lp

A few weeks back, i uploaded some mohorram atta's stuff in my account to post in the blog. While today i was making the usual google-search for band-infos (citys, former bands and the rest fuck-ups that bloggers do) i found out that Thou is one hell of a band. And i don't mean in the music making, but much more in the lyrics / artwork thing. Plus : with the download you'll get a gift. mohorram atta's "desolate motherfuckers" 7''.

Let's take it step by step.
Mohorram atta is a crust / hardcore band from santa cruz, california including three guitarists, so you can imagine how heavy is their sound. They have released a demo (that is totally mind-blowing and maybe their best release - more in the tragedy / cursed vein) and "Weight of existence" (both self-released). Some of the guys also plays in santa cruz's crusties Fell voices.
Their side on this split are more on mid-tempo, in comparison with their earlier releases. The influences from tragedy and cursed are more than obvious (they remind me chris colohan but no clone-thing, also some well-hidden Entombed for me). They have put more black metal into songs, mainly the feeling, the cold, freezing and desperate emotions of black metal. They are melodic but they rule, if you liked Iron hand you'll dig them as well.

B side : THOU! thou is a sludge / core band from Luisiana. What is amazing about this band? Well, these fuckers have written some of the best lyrics lately. Check their page here and you'll see.
Their music is heavy as hell sludge, but the interesting thing is that they have kept all the punk influences (and playing) not hidden. If you already love the "Tyrant" lp you must know that this one is more up-tempo madness. Like some gloomy mental clinic patients found out the joy of life! and that's for sure the case.
Don't except iron maiden leeds and dio's vocals. This is shit, this is down to hell, ugly and against you... Thou!
I don't know what else to say, so download this split and then search and buy all their releases (including mohorram's releases). CHECK THE LYRICS!!! (the track "don't hate" is called "don't vote". sorry, for the mistake)
Almost forgotten : If you want to hear some mongoloids to pay u.s hardcore in a d-beat punk form... Thou covers minor threat's "screaming at a wall"!!!
Go fuck yourself now.

"there is a violence that liberates, there is a violence that enslaves.
there is a violence that is moral, there is a violence that is immoral."

"While they lounge in the decadence of their capitols and dream up new rules of social conduct, we shall sink a knife in every Caesar, we shall aim our rifles and fire at every president, every senator, every statesman.  Wake up. There won't be any change. 
In the sewer of capitalism, only the scum will rise."


Will (A) said...

definitely checking this out ive never heard it.

Anonymous said...

to forever sleep vreis xrono kai psinesai kane upload kai malachi an gustareis.pio arga kai pio epika alla einai eksisou katallhlo soundtrack gia dnt kai kalokairi..apolita exthrikos hxos kai gia ta dyo///

mikxxx said...

oraioi oi malachi apla kati den mou kollaei kala (paroti einai sto label ton Protestant pou einai theoi)
apla de mou vgazoun auth thn punkila ton thou...

kalokairi thelei motorhead, burning love kai uptight bastard.

Anonymous said...

e nai den sou vgazun thn punkila twn thou giati einai kryfometalades :) ..ti krifo vasika... e to kalokairi einai zofos kai thelei hxhtiko zofo..gia afto su eipa malachi kai thou.alla analogos pws to viwnei kaneis....motorhead borei na akusei kai kapoios sthn thema einai na mhn borei...xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

H fash panta htan,kai einai ABANDON...
Autoi kai an den paleuontai me tipota...''In reality we suffer'' kai to teleutaio ''Dead End''.

Kai Asunder epishs. kai Corrupted den paleuontai...
kai oi Antimob den paleuontai, alla gia allous logous!! ;p


mikxxx said...

dbill from the depths of helliest of all hells

Toxik Boys said...

exellent blog...