Apr 6, 2012

Dismaster - No gods but Dismaster

Let's keep it simple. Dismaster are four guys from finland, delivering nice and catchy noisy d-beat hardcore. I know, that a lot of you will feel disappointed from this "the same old thing" style, but this seven track demo is really good. They threw some nice motorhead type rock'n'roll in the mix and the tracks came-out really tight and mad, so i guess you'll like it. Heavy naturally ached vocals and a drummer who studied the "grass-cutting machine" style. The name comes from two stickers the guitar player have on his guitar. The first one is from Disclose and the other one from the old-school death metallers Master. Dig it. D-Beat to the bone.



Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post....

rapidoyguarro said...

I leave here the k7 of my band, Venganza (hardcore punk from Zaragoza, Spain)