Jan 14, 2011

Kingterror & Agathocles - split 10'' (2010)

Days go by so fucking fast like tornados, music lately sucks (in all forms) and i stucked with some "emo" desert tunes lately that helps me bite my insomnia. But every now and then some terrific new band comes from the ultimate dark to catch up with my numbness and make me wanna start run in the night, wearing hooters and sport clothes. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Return to Your Seats and Fasten your Seatbelts, here we have Kingterror.

four bald guys, dropdead and negative approach shirts. sweet
So, i'll skip Agathocles 'coz the belgians mince-core founders wants no introduction. Just meat and potatoes style grind. We love them anyway. a band with good political lyrics.

Now, Kingterror! You may remember a band called Rubbish heap. And you may remember that i love rubbish heap. So, a guy called Kim have contacted me and told me that he used to play for rubbish heap and if i'm interested i can check out his new band called Kingterror. Musically the band offers a great blend of old-school hardcore with some fast as hell blastbeats who will fucking nail you. They have great riffs and vocals so fucking check them. Not forgot to mention, this band have some very familiar and also close to me, thoughts about mixing music with politics, read it carefully :

"we are four individuals with somehow common backgrounds and interests. we were in other bands, we have mutual ‘friends’, we have jobs. some of us have children. we are not saints. but we ain’t sinners either. we try to make something here for ourselves within this out-of-hand capitalist system. some of us drink, some of us smoke, some of us just breathe. some of us are creative outside of music. some of us prefer not doing anything at all. we want to have our say. we are not pointing fingers but if you feel offended by anything we say or anything we write... we think maybe there’s something wrong with you or your views. reconsider them first. if somehow you still think we are full of crap, we prefer animated conversations above so not-done barfights. violence and ‘i’m gonna get you’ grudges are not our thing.

we also prefer bands, venues, distro’s and labels that have something to stand for other than how cool their shit is. this is hardcorepunk. if you think it’s boring to hear all that leftist shit at shows and start complaining about biting the hand that feeds and not being able to change a thing, just fuck off.

hardcorepunk without content is totally useless. like beer without alcohol. we want to share information and frustration. say what we think needs to be said. we’re not talking about destroying the system and burning police cars (though that could be nice too). HELL, it’s not like we are throwing molotovs at every demonstration. it’s about awareness and small-scale action. the state will not be overthrown by some hardcorepunk kids, but we can claim a place for ourselves and for criticism. for free thinking and discussion. for squats and other small initiatives. for creativity. for non-capitalist entertainment. a space free of corporate sponsoring and advertisement. creating a bulb of chaos and mayhem. a fucking moment of freedom. where we can talk, dance, smile, cry, love, fight or crash down on the floor."



Billy said...

oraios!;)thanks.den to eixa afto.
koita ti ginetai otan exeis to mikrovio tou AG(A for Asshole) collector:

mikxxx said...

a re billy thee
poso porosh re atomo..
kala agathocles foul respect
eidika to komati cheers mankind cheers, xyno


Go Filth Go said...

ep, to mplouzaki to void giati to prosperases?? hehe...
mixali, to vrikes telika e? ante!
pragmatika gamaei! alla pio poly gamane auta pou lene sto keimenaki!

Anonymous said...

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